Visitor Profile #1

In this post for going to profile one of our great visitors who has decided to come to our next Expo. These profile posts are just a way of us showing all of our visitors and fans the large amount of diversity in terms of people who are coming to our Expos.

Today were going to talk about John Riley. John is an avid fisherman and he lives in Japan. Is originally from Georgia and in college he met his wife who is Japanese by birth. After they got married John got offered a job in and Japanese university. He started teaching English there and has been there for 12 years now. He and his wife have two very beautiful and happy children. His wife has opened up their own private English school and teaches there Monday through Friday. On the weekends they are able to head off into the mountains to go fishing. Quite a few Japanese enjoy fishing on the ocean but John his wife prefer small creeks and streams. It seems that fishing in Japan can often become very crowded especially on the weekends and by hiking a little in the mountains they can get away from the crowds and have a little solitary time. This year they’re coming to our next Expo and they’re bringing five professional Japanese fisherman with them. As many people know we have a large contingent of Japanese fisherman every year to our expos. Most field on know this but the Japanese are very avid fisherman. Sometimes the language barrier crops up but in the end to fishermen who don’t speak the same language will soon find a way to communicate. If you come to our Expo you probably see John and his wife touring some of the workshops and walking around in meeting people while translating for their group of Japanese friends at the same time. In my experience Japanese can be somewhat shy but once you approach them and start a conversation it quickly warm up to you and you will see that most of them are very friendly people indeed.

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Basic Fly Fishing

In this post were going to talk about the basics of flyfishing. At our Expo we will have a number of flyfishing workshops for beginners, intermediates, and advanced fisherman but this post is going to be geared towards beginners and people who have never tried flyfishing but are interested in it.

Flyfishing starts with equipment. When you go flyfishing you will often find situations where you will need to use several different rods for various purposes. Individual rods are generally created for specific purposes. Usually that is to cast particular weighted lines. The size of the fly rod is directly related to the size or the number of fly lines intended to be cast. In the numbers and sizes are often similar to clothing sizes or shoe sizes. For example 3 weight rod would usually ideally be used with a three weight line. And in the same vein eight weight rod will be used with the eight weight line. Of course the larger the number of the rod the heavier the line it can handle. Now course don’t forget that we are casting the line not the rod. The rod is just the lever or the extension of your arm. Basically just making your arm longer. Now of course you can cast a line without a rod at all but in reality this doesn’t work or is not very practical. These rods make flyfishing much easier in the long run, by using these rods you won’t get so tired of casting the lines out in the water. Remember this is flyfishing so you’re going to be constantly moving your arms.

Generally when you are fishing in streams or ponds you want to use a five weight rod with a five weight line. Of course third various opinions out there but generally this works well. But if you’re going to go to Spring Creek’s with itty-bitty flies at three weight rod will allow you to be a little more delicate in your fishing. Now when we go fishing and salt waters we have to have a much larger fly, that means that longer cast and a rod that will be able to stand a seven or an eight weight line.

If all of this seems a little complicated or little difficult than what I suggest most beginners do is go to the video store or go online and find the great flyfishing movie that starred Brad Pitt. The river runs through it. If you watch this movie to the end I have no doubt my mind that tomorrow you’re gonna wake up and you’re going to want to go flyfishing. You want to go to your closest fishing equipment store and stack up on all of the flyfishing quickly you can get you going to try to go to the clearest most beautiful Creek or river that you can find. If you ever are lacking motivation check out that movie it does the trick for me every time.

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Hello Fisherman

Welcome to Jimmy green fly Expo blog. Here were going to try to give you some information about our great Expo that’s coming up. We might talk about some Expos in the past as well. And were going to try to do all kinds of different things. Off the top of my head I know that were going to be interviewing some great fisherman and fly fisherman that usually come to our Expos. Went to talk to them about fishing and what kind of rods that they like to use it where they like to go fishing and all kinds of other stuff that probably will interest all of our visitors. Ross going talk about some of the upcoming workshops that would have in her next Expo who will be leading those workshops and basically what you can learn or get out of the workshops. You might do a couple profiles on some of the many volunteers that we have working with us helping us make the Expo a better place and a more enjoyable experience for everyone out there.

Now I am not a master at the English language. In fact being from Georgia kinda puts me at a disadvantage in terms of writing correct English. But as I can stop me. But I do want to give you this warning so that you don’t send me emails telling me that the grammar is wrong or my spelling is bad. Basically I just decided tol these blog posts without thinking about the spelling and the grammar too much. I know that most of the fishermen out there don’t care too much about that anyway. They are more interested in fishing and talking about fishing. So that’s what I’m going to focus on.


I will leave you with one of the Expos that we did in Madison. Here’s a video that we made all about it. Enjoy.

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